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  • Evan Phoenix
  • Charles Oliver Nutter
  • Brian Ford
  • matz
  • ko1



11am June 5th JST, 7pm June 4th PDT, #ruby-core



  • Named captures into local variables in 1.9 
  • Adding a formal/official annotation syntax, such as Python has. (Charles Nutter)
  • IO buffer behavior is specification or implementation detail?
  • Standardize the contents of RUBY_PLATFORM (Brian Ford)
  • Can all implementations agree to follow MatzRuby on RUBY_VERSION and RUBY_PATCHLEVEL? (Brian Ford)
  • No behavior changes (only bug fixes) in RUBY_PATCHLEVEL (Brian Ford)
  • Maintainance benchmark suits (ko1)
  • Subject prefix of ruby-core ML ([ruby-core:xxxx] YYYY) (ko1)
  • Protocol to deal with security issues. If security issue reported against MRI, sometimes it also applies to other implementations, but we don't know that until the official disclosure from MRI, which is some cases too late (JRuby item) 



  • RubyGems 1.2 will have operating system and RUBY_ENGINE defaults files to allow packagers and ruby implementers to override RubyGems defaults.  RubyGems will first attempt to load rubygems/defaults/operating_system.rb and rubygems/defaults/#{RUBY_ENGINE}.rb.  Feedback is still needed from implementers on additional RubyGems APIs to support necessary customizations. 


Action Items

  • Evan will email ruby-core with list of IO specs that have what appears to be impl. specific behavior 






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