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  • Evan Phoenix
  • Laurent Sansonetti
  • Charles Oliver Nutter
  • Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto
  • Thomas E Enebo
  • Koichi Sasada
  • Ola Bini
  • Nick Sieger





7 PM PST, April 21st, 2008, #ruby-core



  • 10 minutes: Introductions
  • Scheduling for next design meeting
  • Constant lookup: Referencing constants in Object from other modules
  • Multi-VM API...settling on something basic we can start putting in place
  • RubySpec specs and wiki to be used by implementers and officially blessed
  • Ruby 1.9 specification, for non-YARV implementations to match features
  • Ruby 1.9 bytecode specification, for non-YARV implementations
  • Continuous integration, regression testing for Ruby 1.8 branch releases (e.g. 1.8.7)
    • valgrind
  • MacRuby and other syntax changes
  • Scheduling: sleep intervals and system clock changes



  • Next meeting will be May 1st, 11am JST (April 30th, 7pm PDT) 
  • MVM discussion is ongoing. See http://qwik.atdot.net/ruby-mvm/ for details
  • MVM points agreed upon include:
    • Common API for all impls
    • API for inter-VM messages
    • inter-VM message consist only of simple types (String, Array, Hash, Symbol, Numbers)
  • See http://pastie.org/184632 for short example of RSpec format used by Rubinius
  • Discussion of RubySpec project included how to make specs easily runnable under MRI/trunk
    • Must be able to update specs easily
    • Must integrate with current workflow as much as possible


Action Items

  • Email ruby-core with next meeting time 
  • Email ruby-core concerning constant lookup in toplevel, as referenced via modules and classes.
    • Include cases in 1.8, 1.9, Rubinus, and Jruby
  • Send intro email to ruby-core about how to start using RubySpec
  • get a complete list of spec failures on 1.8.7p2 to ruby-core/knu - CON





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